Ironset Majesty Royale 21 Ladies

Ironset Majesty Royale 21 Ladies (L-LADY, )

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                • L-LADY
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                  Introducing Majesty Royale Ladies Iron, New standard long-distance iron for aggressive aim to the pin.

                  High repulsion face

                  Ultra thin “Toughest Maraging Steel” enhances the repulsion performance.

                  Body design for distance and stability

                  “Power truss cavity” forms a robust body structure that concentrates the repulsion force in the face. In addition, the light-weighted blade and the inner “Dual tungsten weight” enhances the carry stability with a higher trajectory.

                  Sole design that stabilizes the initial velocity

                  “Extensive groove” in the inner sole prevents the initial velocity drop on off-center hits.

                  Long distance with its distinct flexibility

                  Newly developed shaft with the most advanced materials has the distinct flexibility and increases golfers’ head speed.

                  Premium head cover

                  Head cover specially designed for New MAJESTY Royale

                  About This Product Listing

                  - Set contains 5 irons: #7 - #8 - #9 - PW - SW

                  - #5, #6, AW available as extra club options

                  • Comes with Majesty Dedicated Shaft
                    Majesty Royale Ladies

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